Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dongdaewon Fundraising - Week One

Wow!  SFS.  You are amazing.  We are off to a fantastic start.  This week we had Hearts To Serve.  Psalms did an awesome job on singing the New Day theme ... they rocked it out!   Remember that it's all about people.  Why do we do this?  Because our neighbours to the North are people like you and I.  People who love ... people who hope ... people who dream of a new day.  If you did not get a chance to check out the photos outside the cafeteria, they will start rotating in divisions next week.  Take the time to stop and meet some of the people that you help!  Their stories are on the boards.

Okay ... what is happening around school?

T-Shirt sales are off to a fantastic start in Elementary and British School.  Come on MS and HS ... we have one especially designed for you ... great color, awesome design ... and only 10,000 won!  What a bargain, you not only get an awesome shirt ... you save a life in the process ...  You can download the form on Edline.

Shamogram sales have begun!  Share the luck of the Irish with a friend or two.  The Sham O’ Gram includes a delicious chocolate treat and a personalized message from YOU! Please use the green coupons (brought home on Thursday 18 February by the students, available from Homeroom teachers. Candy has been generously donated by NESTLE Korea – thank you!

Lets visit the divisions and see what is happening ...

British School

BS had an amazingly successful fair last week.  They raised over 5 million won.  1 million of this came from makeup sales of product donated by Estee Lauder.  Many thanks go to the generous donors of goods and food and of course the awesome shopping skills of BS students!  Way to go team ... you are inspirational!

Coming Up ... Soak the teacher!  Who are YOU voting for?!?  Get those votes in ...

Elementary School

Coins For A Cause

Are you sick of all those coins that weigh down your wallet?!?!  Want to find a great use for them ...?
Spare change can go a long way to make a difference in the life of our neighbors in North Korea. Coins for a Cause is a way to empower children to learn about helping others and that their small donations can make a difference. For the next four weeks the children are being encouraged to collect coins to donate to Dongdaewon TB Care Center in North Korea. Each week their coins will be sorted and weighed. Last year we raised over 2 million won and we hope that we can inspire our students to raise more this year through their coin collecting. Lighten your load ... and make someone else's lighter as well ...

Middle School
T-Shirt Style
Lets get going ... what can you do with your tshirt ... buy it ... style it ... customise it and then wear it!  See your teacher about order forms or visit Edline and get yours today!  Watch for T-Shirt days in the MS.

Hair Today ... Gone Tomorrow ...
Have you seen the makeover shows on TV and thought, "I can do that?"  Well ... now you can! Mr Hill is looking for a hair makeover ...

Mr. Hill is looking for a brave Middle School student to give him his next hair cut! Any MS student may submit a proposal (forms available from Mr. Hill) and the top three will get voted on by donations of 100 and 500 won coins. The haircut idea that gets the most money wins and the student who had the idea gets to style Mr. Hill’s hair on March 11. All proceeds go, of course, to the Dongdaewon TB Care Center.

The Art of The i-pod

Want to spice up your art or computer lessons?  You can ... bring in your ipod and pay just 1000 won per class per day. Who would have thought listening to music would save lives ... Wicked!

High School

T-Shirt Style!
Lets get going ... what can you do with your tshirt ... buy it ... style it ... customise it and then wear it! See your teacher about order forms or visit Edline and get yours today!

IB Theatre One
IB Theatre One raised 300,000 won towards Dongdaewon with their drama perfomances this week.  Awesome ...

Coming up ... Empty Bowls

SFS Community
Watch this space ... for these things coming to you ...

Dongdaewon Cooking School
It was a raging success amongst the faculty community last year.  It was so good we thought we would open it to the SFS community... we have some exciting classes coming but are still needing a couple more people to offer classes.  You don't need to be Gordon Ramsey or Jamie Oliver, you just need to know how to cook.  We would love a couple more ethnic classes ... maybe Thai, or Middle Eastern ... or Korean ... let Ms Carpenter or Ms Swanson in the Elementary School know if you could help us out. 

Dongdaewon Photography School
Do you always have the dial on your camera set to green?  Are you wondering what all the other little pictures on it are for?  Are you keen to get those great travel shots of people and scenery, but what you get is not what you see in your mind?  Next week we will be launching the Dongdaewon Photography School with a fantastic range of guest lecturers who are skilled, passionate photographers and keen to share their expertese with you... watch this space!

Dongdaewon Quilt
One of our formal parents has handmade a stunning quilt for Dongdaewon, which we will be auctioning off from next week.  More details and pics coming ...

Dongdaewon Art Gallery
This year we will have our own art gallery with some stunning pieces by local photographers up for auction.  Looking for a special piece of art for that space on your wall?  You won't want to miss this.

So as you can see, we have a lot going on ... lots of opportunities for you to be involved in creating a new day for those at Dongdaewon ... stay tuned!

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