Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Empty Bowls


High School students in Jessica Kemnitz and Rosalee van Staalduinen’s classes are hard at work creating ceramic bowls to feed you! This year, our annual ceramic auction is going in a different direction. Next Wednesday, March 10, we will be hosting an Empty Bowls dinner from 5:30-8pm in the Gym lobby. Empty Bowls is a tradition beginning in the United States to raise awareness about hunger. Students create the soup bowls, and the parents and community are invited in to purchase a bowl, and receive soup and bread to eat in their newly purchased bowl!

The Details:

When:        Wednesday March 10, 5:30-8pm

Where:       Gym lobby

How much: minimum 10,000 won donation

What do you get?:  A handcrafted bowl of your choosing, and then your soup bowl full of soup and bread! What could be better?

Thankyou for your support of this great project.  Empty Bowls raised just over 900,000 won.  There were lots of happy, satisfied customers and fabulous tasting soups.

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