Monday, February 28, 2011

The final FINAL 2010 outcome!

Hi ...

Should have updated this last year. We had more money turn up after the final post and so I was able to take a cheque to Eugene Bell in June 2010 for about 50,000,000 won (a little under $50,000 USD). Stupendous stuff SFS. I am SO proud of you.

Right now Dongdaewon 2011 is under way and I have noticed a bit of traffic here on the blog again. If you are looking for the info posts I did early on, there are two you should read. Both have lots of pictures.  The first is my thoughts and impressions about NK - you can click here. The second is a walk through Dongdaewon care centre, so that you can see that differences made because of YOU and your generosity. For that post, click here.

Finally, you need to know that there are going to be changes. Firstly, the WHO (World Health Organization) have stepped up to cover all the first line DOTs medicine. This is the medicine patients start on that costs around $50 for an 8 month cycle. Because of current sanctions due to recent political events, Eugene Bell have to focus purely on medicine. We are now going to be supporting the drug resistant patients. This is considerably more expensive, as treatment costs about $100 USD a month per patient. Still ... we can make a difference.

Thanks for caring.

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