Thursday, February 16, 2012

Meet Some of the Lives YOU Have Saved!

As I told our students at Hearts To Serve Assemblies yesterday, we make a difference.  In this past year, 5 of our Dongdaewon patients have graduated from the program totally cured of MDR-TB.  Wow ... truely amazing.  And even more amazing when you realize that without the hard work and generosity of the SFS community, these patients may not have had a chance.  Lets meet those that graduated this past year.

In April last year, I was privileged to meet two patients that had just received the great news that they were negative for MDR.  Their joy and gratitude was humbling for me to see.  On the left is Mr Koh and on the right is Mr Kim.  Mr Koh has been in treatment for 24 months and Mr Kim for 30 months.  In reality it is much longer than that because a patient is likely to have failed regular TB treatment for several years before they are diagnosed with MDR.   Both Mr Kim and Mr Koh were excited to be heading home to their families and both expressed their gratitude to Seoul Foreign School for saving their lives.  Look out for a message from Mr Kim on the Hearts to Serve video.

In October, we had another 3 patients graduate, cured of TB!!

Miss Han has been in treatment for 30 months.  She is now at home with her family.

Mr Hwan has had a long journey to health.  He has been in MDR treatment for 36 months and is now TB free!

Mr Kim also had a long journey to health.  He has been in MDR treatment for 3 and a half years.  He has been one of our patients from early days and is now cured and home with his loved ones.

Seriously, I am awed and humbled at the difference that you have made - not just in the lives of these patients, but also their families and loved ones who are so happy to have them return to them cured.


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