Sunday, March 9, 2014

Interesting and Informative Links To Check Out

If you are new to Dongdaewon, or new to the blog, there is a lot of great information and pictures that you can check out.  Some good places to start are:

Fundraising Video from 2014 Hearts To Serve Assembly

Fundraising Video from 2013 Hearts to Serve Assembly

Video from 2012's Hearts to Serve and a message for you from one of our patients.

The story of H.S. - how one small seed sown has changed not one life, but is continuing to change multiple lives.

Thoughts and reflections from Ms James Trip to North Korea with Eugene Bell in April 2013.

A family tale.  Sadly, TB does not just impact on individuals.  Left untreated, it can affect entire families.  Read the story of one such family.

Pictures and impressions from Ms Horne's Trip in October 2012 

Pictures and impressions from NK on Ms Carpenter's first trip.

A visit to Dongdaewon ... what we have done with the $$$ (Pics and text)

How The Dongdaewon work has changed

Journal entry the day Ms Carpenter first met Dongdaewon patients 
(also pics)

Basic Facts About TB

A Day In the Life of A Visiting Team To A Center 
(LOTS of pics with a bit of explanation)

Common Questions and Concerns About Dongdaewon (eg. we don't want to support the North Korean government with money).

Finally … be sure to check back here often over the next few weeks, as we will be updating information regularly.  Look out for for coming events and more patient updates!

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