Sunday, March 16, 2014

MS Fundraiser: Mohawks for Medicine!

This year it was not one Mohawk, but TWO!

2, 006, 550 won was raised.  

That is nearly the entire treatment program for an MDR patient.  WOW!  Thanks Middle School.  The winning house was Yong Maeng (Bravery) House.  They also earnt 2 free dress days!  A huge thanks to the MS senators, who were crucial in collecting all the coins (and there were a LOT of coins)!

If you were ever wondering about the evolution of a Mohawk … check out the pics below …

The Evolution of A Mohawk

Step One

 plan carefully … VERY carefully!

Step Two

Rev the clippers up and go for it!

Step Three

Spray … LOTS of spray!

Step Four

Cover up the head and begin the colour!

Step Five

Reveal and take a moment to admire!

Mr Hill's stylists: were Connie, Paula and Christine

Mr Swanson's stylists: Hannah, Jae Hwa and Chloe

Thanks so much Mr Hill and Mr Swanson.  You are great sports!

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