Sunday, February 19, 2017

Dongdaewon 2017 is HERE!

And we are off!

It's that amazing time of the year where our community pulls together to help our MDR TB patients in North Korea.  We have partnered with the Eugene Bell Foundation (EBF) for the last 17 years to treat MDR TB.  They do an amazing job of treatment of multiple drug resistant TB (MDR-TB) in North Korea, which is a serious growing problem that is hard to treat.  EBF have a very good success rate in their treatment program and through our partnership with them, we have seen hundreds of lives changed.  Each of those lives also impacts a family.

We are off to an amazing start.  Swim For Dongdaewon happened this past weekend.  We have a brilliant new event - The Dongdaewon Two-Step coming up.  It will be a fabulous event for the whole family and is happening on Saturday March 4th.  Click on the links for more information.  Our t-shirts are for sale in divisions as of today.  Ms Thies has created an awesome design this year.  Get yours NOW!  We have many more fun events coming up including authentic Italian pizza classes, floral classes and more.  Watch this space!

Our fundraising period extends for 5 weeks, running from today until March 24th.  All funds raised go to buy medicine for our TB patients.  Meet some of them in the video below.


  1. Love the video, Sarah! You have really captured the LOVE!

  2. Thanks Gigi ... it's my last one ...