Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sham O'Grams on Sale Now

2,000 won each

Delivered March 17th - St Patrick's Day!
On sale: Now – March 07
(supported by:  Nestle' Korea)

What is a Sham O’ Gram?  An Irish message of luck and love! The Sham O’ Gram includes a delicious chocolate treat and a personalized message from YOU!

Why should I send one?  To spread ‘Luck O’ the Irish’ and raise money to buy medicine to save the lives of patients in the SFS sponsored TB Care Center in Dongdaewon, North Korea.  

How do I order?  
Please use the green coupons (brought home by BS, ES, MS, NIK and DCC students; available from homeroom teachers in the HS).  

  • Fill in the blanks (write neatly!) for "to", "from", "class", and circle which section.  Younger students, please have an adult helming you to write the recipient's FULL NAME!
  • Write which class the recipient is in (MS use advisory and HS use homeroom class).  
  • Circle the section of the school.
  • Add a message/drawing/sticker in the space provided
  • Please cut each out each coupon - the leprechauns are too busy to do this!
  • Place completed Sham o' grams (with 2000 won for each coupon) into an envelope (feel free to reuse/recycle old envelopes) and send to school with your child by March 08th.  Please address envelopes to:
BS:  Mrs Gray      ES: Ms. Hitchcock     MS:  Ms Root     HS:  Mr Sheehan         

Please Note: 
Due to the anti-graft policy, SFS staff/faculty are not allowed to receive gifts.  However, parents or students may like to donate to Dongdaewon to honor a teacher or other member of staff, and still send the green Sham O'Gram coupon as a note of appreciation.

NB:  You can get extra coupons from your child's class teacher or the sectional secretaries, so please do not make your own.

Thank you!

Go on … save a life!

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