Sunday, March 18, 2012

How Has The Dongdaewon Work Changed?

For many years, the Eugene Bell Foundation focused on partnering with care centres, taking a holistic approach to treating TB.  Up until 2009, we worked with them to provide a resupply kit.  This kit included DOTs medicine for regular TB patients, some agricultural supplies and resupplies for the xray machines, microscopes etc.  For more information about how we used to support Dongdaewon and where our funds went, click here.

Since 2009, the World Health Organization (WHO) has been providing DOTs treatment for regular TB patients in North Korea.  However, there is a burgeoning problem with MDR TB.  Eugene Bell are now focusing all their work on treating MDR patients, as there is a desperate need and not the resources to meet this need.  The WHO's goal is to pick up 50 MDR patients by 2014.  Many people are concerned about  us sending money to North Korea.  We don't send money, the money we raise goes to Eugene Bell and they buy medicine and set up medicine boxes for each MDR patient - every box is tailor made for the needs of that particular patient.

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