Sunday, March 11, 2012

Know Your Camera

Know Your Camera Workshop

21st March and 4th of April

 Instructor:  Jon Hill

Where:        ES Computer Lab (2nd floor Elementary School)
Time:           7.30pm - 9pm

Click here to register and send the money to Ms Carpenter in the ES Lab by March 23rd.

Class Focus:
This class was a hit two years ago.  If you have ever wanted to know what all the buttons are on your camera ... come along and let Jon explain it to you in an easy to understand way!  By changing your settings you can take your photographs to a whole new level!  This class is for all levels and all types of cameras.

About Jon
Jon began serious photography in college with a hand-me-down all-manual camera from his dad.  He learned the basics and dabbled in the darkroom.  His passion really took off with the purchase of his first digital camera in 1999, coinciding with his move to Tanzania.  There his love for nature and travel photography took hold.  He has had photographs published in a few travel magazines and has self-published photos and articles on his photography website, 

As a teacher at SFS, Jon has also refined his techniques for event photography, taking advantage of drama productions, sports, and other events.  Becoming a father has also naturally pushed him into portrait and candid shooting.  The busy-ness of family and professional life has limited his ability to get out and take photos and publish to his website in recent years, but the passion is still there.  

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