Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Out and About In MS - CUT 3.0

The biggest buzz of the week in Middle School?!?

The buzzing that occurred with Mr Hill's head!

Mr Hill ... you are a BRAVE MAN!

It is ... a Work of ART!

CUT 3.0 raised 710,000 won for Dongdaewon! 

Nami Hoffman and Kaila Lawton, both 6th graders, submitted the winning hair design and a coin drive competition among the Middle School houses decided the winner and raised the funds.  The actual haircut by Nami and Kaila and their friends drew a large crowd of students and teachers during morning break on March 6.  Jon will keep the “Rainbow Mohawk” just for the day.


  1. Thats awesome!!!So glad I am going to sixth grade next year!!!

  2. Hi Sarah ... yup ... its pretty radical over there! Loved the design ...