Friday, February 22, 2013

Interesting and Informative Links to Check Out!

If you are new to Dongdaewon, or new to the blog, there is a lot of great information and pictures that you can check out.  Some good places to start are:

Fundraising Video from 2013 Hearts to Serve Assembly

Video from 2012's Hearts to Serve and a message for you from one of our patients.

Pictures and impressions from Ms Horne's Trip in October

Pictures and impressions from NK on Ms Carpenter's first trip.

A visit to Dongdaewon ... what we have done with the $$$ (Pics and text)

How The Dongdaewon work has changed

Journal entry the day Ms Carpenter first met Dongdaewon patients 
(also pics)

Basic Facts About TB

A Day In the Life of A Visiting Team To A Center 
(LOTS of pics with a bit of explanation)

Common Questions and Concerns About Dongdaewon (eg. we don't want to support the North Korean government with money).

Finally … be sure to check back here often over the next few weeks, as we will be updating information regularly.  Look for coming events, patient updates and a special report from Ms Horne’s recent trip to North Korea with the Eugene Bell Foundation.

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