Friday, February 22, 2013

What's New At Dongdaewon?!?

Ms Horne and Ms Carpenter presenting our fundraising cheque to 
Dr Linton and the Eugene Bell foundation in June 2012.

Last year because of the incredible fundraising effort by YOU, we were able to give Eugene Bell money to purchase a GeneX life saving machine for Eugene Bell to use whilst up in North Korea.  Previously, new patients provided sputum samples, which were taken out to South Korea and cultured and analyzed in order to find the best medicine for that particular patient.  This meant patients were unable to start with their specific medicine regime until 6 months into treatment when the EB team would return.  Sadly some patients would die before getting their medicine.

Ms Horne, one of the Dongdaewon doctors and the SFS geneX machine
Dongdaewon, North Korea

The GeneX machine is able to process four samples every two hours.  This means that Eugene Bell doctors can ensure that patients are not resistant to the primary medications.  In six months they will begin to take the medicine designed especially for them, but for now, all patients admitted will be patients who can be helped by the initial medications.  The geneX can travel to the different centres with the EB team and ensure all patients starting medication are not resistant.  Lives will be saved.

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