Monday, February 25, 2013

What's Happening in The British School?!

This Week

Sham o' grams
A Sham o’ gram is a good luck message tied to a chocolate bar! So, send a Sham o’ gram to your friends (in all 4 divisions), teachers, staff, family etc. Once you have filled in the Sham o’ gram tokens put them in an envelope with w2000 for each token and give to your teacher. The Sham o’ grams will be delivered on March 15 in time for St Patrick’s Day!

T Shirt Sales

Buy an incredible Dongdaewon t shirt for just w15,000. Complete the order form and give the form and money to Mrs Hahm in the BS Library. Don’t forget you can wear this year’s Dongdaewon t shirt with jeans on Spirit Days and on the day of the Dongdaewon Fair.

Guesses For Dongdaewon

Jars of solid objects, coloured liquids and coins are set up (at the end of the KS2 corridor) for paid guesses. Each guess costs only w500 and there is no limit to the number of guesses per player. The closest guess for the contents of each jar wins a prize. Prizes include: Free entry to Room 397B at the Dongdaewon Fair and receive: a free doughnut, crisps and a drink; winner’s certificate; pizza; movie showing.

Pendants of Hope

BS Art Room (497): Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays 3-4:30pmY7/G6 students and older - please come and join the fun! Make a pendant and help save a life!

Coming Soon ...

Dongdaewon Fair

12 March at 1pm at SFBS

An afternoon of fun, games and sales to raise money for Dongdaewon. Each class will organize an activity eg Nail and Tattoo Parlour, Café, Disco and each student in the BS will visit all the classrooms to spend lots of money!

Dongdaewon Concert 

20 March at 3:30 in the Black Box

Come to the Black Box to listen to a concert performed by our talented SFBS and SFMS students

Lungs Full of Loose Loot

Fill the lungs with all of your loose change. Also, ask parents and siblings to empty their pockets, handbags, purses, wallets. Collect all the coins you can and put them into the lungs outside the Green Room. The year group with the most coins will have a free dress up day!

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