Monday, March 4, 2013

Patients Exiting The MDR Program

Patients exit the MDR program for three reasons.  Sadly, some patients die.  Some patients are also resistant to MDR drugs, which means that they have extreme drug resistant (XDR) TB for which there is no cure.  At present, Eugene Bell are exploring the possibilities of the development of hospice type facilities for these patients.

The best reason patients exit the MDR program is that they are cured.  Your generosity enabled them to get the medicine they needed to give them a total cure.  It is always an exciting day when patients graduate and are able to return home well to their families.  Normally a ceremony is held at the centre - and if we have made paper crane garlands, patients are presented with the crane garlands, some clothing (such as warm coats) and get to celebrate their cure.  

The graduation ceremony is often filled with mixed emotions - patients are excited to go home, but nervous as to whether they will maintain their health.  It is a scary thing to leave a place where you get care and medicine when you are sick, when many people do not have access to it.

The doctors and patients really appreciate the paper crane garlands - Ms Carpenter remembers the way that faces lit up when she opened the box of cranes made by you.  There was smiles and laughter and patients were genuinely touched that you thought of them - particularly when they were told that each crane was made by a student with wishes for their good health.  

Your cranes were used to celebrate all the graduating patients from many centres, not just our Dongdaewon patients.  This year Ms Horne met one patient (see the picture below) who when told about you making the cranes, took time to look at each one and then looked up and said that with her new health she was hoping to become a teacher.  Your simple acts of kindness touch lives!

Lets meet our patients who have exited the MDR program this past year:


Seongwon Han 
(44 years old)
In the Spring of 2012, Seongwon was cured and able to go home to his family.  He is grateful for your support and the medicine that has cured him.

Younghee Kim
(50 years old)
Younghee was overjoyed to be cured of MDR TB in the Spring of 2012.  She has been able to return home to live a new, healthy life.  Your care and support has left a deep impression on her heart.

Seongae Lim 
(29 years old)
Seongae was also cured of MDR TB in the Spring of 2012.  The money that you raised purchased the medicine that made her well.  She is grateful beyond words for your support.


Woncheol Jang 
(44 years old)
Woncheol has had a long battle with TB – he has been in treatment for many years.  Last year he converted to negative for TB but unfortunately he was not able to maintain that and has XDR TB for which there is no cure.  He was discontinued as a patient in Spring 2012.

Okkyung Ri 
(22 years old)
Unfortunately Okkyung has not responded to treatment and has had to be discontinued from the program in the fall of 2012.  She was grateful for the opportunity to have a chance at treatment.  Please pray for her and her family.


Gwangsoo Han 
(48 years old)
Sadly we found out in the fall of 2012 that Gwangsoo recently passed away.  Unfortunately there was no cure for Gwangsoo.  EB tell us that Gwangsoo died knowing that he was cared for.  Never under-estimate the power of hope that your caring and love instills in the EB patients.

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